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New Market Entry of FMCG Product

1]  Start early. Carry out a thorough research about the culture that prevails in the region, the consumer behaviour, the present competition, the distribution channels, the product display platforms etc. 2]  Make the product available at innovative venues for free consumption, trial and initial customer interaction. 3]  Now create a buzz through – PR, Social Media, Events etc. 4]  Announce the official launch date. At this stage, one could opt to ‘do something unusual’ to keep people guessing. (this is our trade secret & we won’t disclose it!) 5]  Launch with a big bang. Make it as grand as the budget and the strategy permit. For many such captivating success stories that we have created, meet us. We would be glad to be of some help… Reach us at -   Call Us on - +91   95794 71645