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Important Game-plan to Choose from Online & Offline Advertising

Online Marketing V/s Offline Marketing It’s the laid back, quaint world of citizens on one hand and the supersonic, savvy world of netizens on the other…but often, it’s a mix of both. Offline advertising works better for the first; while to capture the second; online advertising comes absolutely handy. However, both have plus and minus sides. Reach:   Online advertising has a global reach while offline advertising reaches out to a lesser number of people, comparatively. ‘Captive’ audience:  The ‘TG’ can always ‘skip’ an online ad while in offline advertising, the TG is more likely to read/see the ad. Time:  Online advertisements are there for a limited time while offline advertisements have a longer life and the readers can view/read them again. Language:  The ‘lingo’ used in online advertising is contemporary and colloquial although offline advertising mostly uses conventional and formal language. Cost:  Online advertising is less costly as opposed to offline adverti