Are you able to engage your Customers/Audience ?

What are the parameters to evaluate the success and efficacy of your branding strategy? What makes the perfect mix of marketing initiatives you have thought of for the season? What determines the long-term impact of your advertising campaigns? The reach that you have expanded and the sales figures you have achieved may come to your mind instantaneously. Some may also think of the incremental market share that you have gained or the amount of repeat sales the inspiring data is revealing. Fair enough. All these factors truly reflect the major of success and are vitally important. But over and above all these there is something that should never be overlooked. And it is the much revered ‘Consumer Connect’! While the agency you are currently associated with is somewhat helping you progress towards your goals, you also need to apply the parameter of consumer connect to intensify your marketing drives. Make sure that you are in dialogue with the end-users at the grassroots level and graspi…

It’s an advertising era!

Listen to that hawker howling out the names of his goods in a mysterious, strange way, so much so that it’s almost unintelligible. The idea is to rouse your curiosity and actually pull you out of your zone and get you there to at least see what’s there on the cart! Well, that’s quite akin to one of the most primitive forms of advertising. Call it the one man advertising agency dexterously selling all his goods at once! The world’s first formal advertisement was broadcast in the US on July 1, 1941 over the New York station WNBT. It s still going as WNBC, ‘channel four.’ The advert which was for watchmaker Bulova, was shown before a baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and Philadelphia Phillies. It read ‘Bulova Watch Time’, and showed a mash up of their logo alongside the WNBT test pattern, so that it looked like a clock face. It is thought that Bulova paid between $4 to $9 for the advert. A TV spot on a national television channel, during peak view demand like a sports game, wou…

Get Ready – The Festive Season Is Just Round The Corner

1]  Be Observant. Study the current trends & chart boosters. The market has absorbed many minute changes since last season. So recall the past and revisit your previous campaigns but don’t overly rely on them. Take a close look at the present scenario. 2]  Do a dipstick survey of your competition. From known sources try to gather maximum information on the competitors’ activities. See if you can pick up something worthwhile to make your plan even more effective. 3] Make a concrete action plan. Nothing works without a well-thought-of plan. So enlist your ideas in a structured manner and prepare a proper work schedule. Spend maximum time in planning so that the execution becomes smooth & hassle-free. 4] Develop the most creative campaign of the town. Think from your target customers’ viewpoint. Build a communication that would really inspire them to jump to your festive offer. Be innovative in ideation and apply the creativity that sells. 5] Flawlessly execute. Do whatever you …

Important Game-plan to Choose from Online & Offline Advertising

It’s the laid back, quaint world of citizens on one hand and the supersonic, savvy world of netizens on the other…but often, it’s a mix of both. Offline advertising works better for the first; while to capture the second; online advertising comes absolutely handy. However, both have plus and minus sides. Reach:  Online advertising has a global reach while offline advertising reaches out to a lesser number of people, comparatively. ‘Captive’ audience: The ‘TG’ can always ‘skip’ an online ad while in offline advertising, the TG is more likely to read/see the ad. Time: Online advertisements are there for a limited time while offline advertisements have a longer life and the readers can view/read them again. Language: The ‘lingo’ used in online advertising is contemporary and colloquial although offline advertising mostly uses conventional and formal language. Cost: Online advertising is less costly as opposed to offline advertising that’s more expensive. So, the real challenge is to make the…

New Market Entry of FMCG Product

1]  Start early. Carry out a thorough research about the culture that prevails in the region, the consumer behaviour, the present competition, the distribution channels, the product display platforms etc. 2]  Make the product available at innovative venues for free consumption, trial and initial customer interaction. 3]  Now create a buzz through – PR, Social Media, Events etc. 4]  Announce the official launch date. At this stage, one could opt to ‘do something unusual’ to keep people guessing. (this is our trade secret & we won’t disclose it!) 5]  Launch with a big bang. Make it as grand as the budget and the strategy permit.
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