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Are you able to engage your Customers/Audience ?

Brand Creation What are the parameters to evaluate the success and efficacy of your branding strategy? What makes the perfect mix of marketing initiatives you have thought of for the season? What determines the long-term impact of your advertising campaigns? The reach that you have expanded and the sales figures you have achieved may come to your mind instantaneously. Some may also think of the incremental market share that you have gained or the amount of repeat sales the inspiring data is revealing. Fair enough. All these factors truly reflect the major of success and are vitally important. But over and above all these there is something that should never be overlooked. And it is the much revered ‘Consumer Connect’! While the agency you are currently associated with is somewhat helping you progress towards your goals, you also need to apply the parameter of consumer connect to intensify your marketing drives. Make sure that you are in dialogue with the end-users at the gras