Get Ready – The Festive Season Is Just Round The Corner

1]  Be Observant. Study the current trends & chart boosters.
The market has absorbed many minute changes since last season. So recall the past and revisit your previous campaigns but don’t overly rely on them. Take a close look at the present scenario.
2]  Do a dipstick survey of your competition.
From known sources try to gather maximum information on the competitors’ activities. See if you can pick up something worthwhile to make your plan even more effective.
3] Make a concrete action plan.
Nothing works without a well-thought-of plan. So enlist your ideas in a structured manner and prepare a proper work schedule. Spend maximum time in planning so that the execution becomes smooth & hassle-free.
4] Develop the most creative campaign of the town.
Think from your target customers’ viewpoint. Build a communication that would really inspire them to jump to your festive offer. Be innovative in ideation and apply the creativity that sells.
5] Flawlessly execute.
Do whatever you have planned and also what you could imagine to add value during the course of progression. Keep an eye on the response and make corrective changes in the campaign, if required.

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